Giving Back

How we give

Here at KIDDOS we always strive to be nice and do the right thing by each other, our customers and our suppliers. That’s why when it comes to giving back, it’s a no brainer.

Ever since we launched, we’ve started working together with orphanages in Bangladesh. When the toys in our Toys Club are not new enough to use anymore, we send them to our charity partners in Bangladesh so that the toys will have a second life and bring joy to the lives of less fortunate children. When we receive returns from our customers that are no longer in a new condition, we also send them to the orphanages. We’re committed to doing this every year. Forever.


We’re super proud to be partnered with the Maria Cristina Foundation.


Maria Cristina Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by Maria Conceicao in 2005. The foundation has been effectively breaking the chains of inter-generation cycles of poverty through education in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They aim to provide their students with the best education there is, so as to groom them to face the competitive world and truly help them achieve their dreams.

Their students are enrolled in private schools and colleges in Dhaka, and over 14 studying under the MCF university program in UAE, Portugal, USA and Australia. They unburden them from hindrances to give them the freedom to study, by providing them with their daily needs such as transportation, food, accommodation, medical supplies, toiletries and hygiene supplies and rent for the family.