How we started and why we are here


We are KIDDOS and we offer toys from the world’s top green brands, chic décor and comfy wearing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We are a community for our costumers to receive and give back. We love kids and we love our environment.

Who we are

Hi! We are Xinuo and Dirk Jan and we have been blessed with a lovely, active little girl, Norah. Like any other parents, we have bought tons of stuff for Norah, so much that we had to move to a bigger place. Money is one thing, wasting is another. Quite a lot of the toys we have bought Norah never wants to play with, and we just hope our second one will. 😀


Why we are here

We learned through our parenthood that every kid is different and is interested in different things. It’s hard to know before you buy a toy whether your kid will love it or be totally bored with it. So instead of trying to guess, wouldn’t it be nice if we could try all different kinds of toys, explore them and share among each other? Toy exchanging is not a new concept, however, we have brought it up to a new level. We help you select a special set of toys and deliver them to you; you and your little one will have fun with the toys and wait for us to pick them up and surprise you with a new set of toys to explore every month!

You can also browse through our own brand KIDDOS Basics, with carefully picked products that help every parent to make their nursery look chic at an affordable price. Adorable and unique baby wear that Norah loves can also be found in the collection.


What we believe in

We try our best to use more wooden toys and toys made from recycled plastic to keep our business “green”. We use more paper than plastic for our packaging and we hope you will reuse them for something else. Sometimes, we are scared that future generations will suffer because of what we have done to the earth. This thought only came across our minds after Norah was born, but hopefully, it’s not too late to be part of a small change.

Most importantly, while toys are certainly fun, it’s your companionship while playing that kids really need! 😀